Alonzo Stagg 50/20 Hike

Hike Date: The Hike is held on the second double-digit Saturday in March, with the rain date one week later. Be aware, due to excessive dropouts (typically 50%), the Hike is RARELY postponed.

Current Forms: For Unit and Hiker registration forms for the upcoming Hike, contact the current Hike Administrator. [Note that many of the forms posted below are for previous years.]


The Alonzo Stagg 50/20 Hike (ASH) is a one day hike through Arlington, Maryland, and Washington DC typically held in March each year. The ultimate goal of the hike is to walk 50 miles in 20 hours; however hikers can chose how far they walk based on their own endurance (10 mile minimum). It is a popular event for Chain Bridge District, with between 200 and 250 hikers participating each year.

Troop and Scout Registration
Troops interested in participating need to download and complete the ASH Unit Registration Form. In addition, EVERYONE participating in the hike (BOTH HIKERS AND STAFFERS) need to complete and submit an ASH Permission Slip/Release Form to their Unit. Unit Registrations with photocopies of all permission slips are due to the Hike Organizer by 9:00 pm Sunday, March 6th, by face-to-face delivery.

Preparing for the Alonzo Stagg
All Hikers are personally responsible for being prepared for the ASH 50/20. The following pages provide great advice for all hikers. Be prepared!

Route Information
The hike route offers multiple choices depending on how far a hiker wishes to go: 10, 20, and 25 miles, and 32.5 to 50 miles. The 10 and 20 mile hikes start and end at St. Agnes. The other routes begin at St. Agnes and continue through parts of Maryland, DC, and Arlington. The Route Directions provide detailed turn-by-turn instructions for each hike distance. Each Unit is responsible for providing their hikers with copies of the directions for their respective hikes and a copy of the Trail Rules and Emergency Procedures Guide. THESE SHEETS SHOULD BE ENCLOSED IN A ZIP-LOCK BAG AND CARRIED BY THE HIKER FOR HIS ENTIRE HIKE!

Staffing and Setup Information

Maps for Alonzo Stagg 50/20 Hikers – All distances

Driving Directions and Maps for Support Stations for Staffers, Shuttle Drivers, and for Parents Picking Up Scouts Who Are Dropping Out


Alonzo Stagg Hall of Fame