Just the FAQs!

1. Who runs Troop 111?

The Scouts run the troop with assistance from the adults (Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters). The senior scouts consist of a Senior Patrol Leader, Ass’t Senior Patrol Leader (s), Quartermaster, Scribe, Historian, and Librarian. There is a troop executive committee consisting of adults that provide the overall guidance and support for the boys. The executive committee consists of the Unit Commissioner, Committee chairman, Chartered Organization Rep, Treasurer, Secretary, and other interested parents. The troop executive committee provides the necessary support to the troop, such as providing an adequate meeting facility, managing finances, maintaining and caring for troop property, to mention just a few of its responsibilities. St. Agnes Catholic Church is the chartering organization for the troop. However, this does not mean a scout is required to be a member of St. Agnes church. Boys come from all over Arlington County as well as Fairfax County can participate.

2. How is Troop 111 organized?

The troop is currently organized into 4 patrols: Burning Pants, Conquistadors, …. Boys are assigned to a patrol upon joining the troop based on age, and previous scouting experience. Within the Patrol, there is a Senior Patrol Leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader. These scouts must be senior scouts (1st class or higher in rank) and are responsible for running their respective patrols.

3. How often does it meet?

Troop 111 meets every Monday from 6:45PM to 8:30PM at the St. Agnes Parish Center.

4. Are there any other participation requirements?

Yes. A Scout must be considered “active” to advance in rank. To read Troop 111’s specific guidelines for Scout attendance and activity requirements visit our Library and click on the first link entitled “Activity Requirements for Advancement“.

5. What outdoor activities does Troop 111 participate in?

Troop 111 runs an ambitious Scout-run outdoor/camping program. The troop attempts to have at least one major (weekend) activity a month. During the summer, the troop also participates in a BSA summer camp, a BSA high adventure trek (Philmont, Seabase, etc.) and other high adventure activities. An overview of these activities are listed on our Activities page (click here).

6. How do Scouts advance in ranks?

The main Boy Scout’s of America website explains the criteria for each rank in detail. In general, a scout must show proficiency in certain specified skills before advancing to the next rank. Click here to be taken to www.scouting.org for complete details.

7. How are the Scouts’ achievements tracked?

One of the parent’s (the Advancement Coordinator) tracks scout advancement and keeps the official records. This information is provided to the Advancement Coordinator by the Senior Scouts, Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters and entered into a software package called ScoutTracker. This software package not only tracks advancement requirements but also the scout’s status on merit badge completion and other events and activities in which a scout participates. To assist the scouts and their parents on their current status, the troop maintains an achievement record for each scout which are posted on bulletin boards and made available during each Troop meeting. There is a chart for each scout which shows all of the requirements needed for achievement to the next rank and which of those requirements have been completed and when.

8. How much does membership in Troop 111 cost?

Membership is $250 per year.

9. Must a Scout wear a Boy Scout Uniform?

Scouts in Troop 111 are required to wear the BSA shirt (either short or long sleeve) with appropriate patches, shorts or long pants of a khaki or olive color, and a scout bolo tie. The scouts of Troop 111 have voted not to wear the BSA cap or neckerchief. The troop issues new scouts the bolo tie upon joining.

10. What camping equipment is needed?

Each scout needs to provide their own personal camping equipment such as backpack or duffle bag, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, raingear, flashlight, etc. The troop provides group camping equipment such as tents, ground cloths, patrol cook kits, etc. The Troop 111 Library page (click here) has an excellent section on what is required on various camping activities. It also provides guidance on where to purchase camping equipment for the scout.

Have more questions? Join us at our next Troop meeting and ask any of the participating parents for assistance.