Bare-bones Personal Backpacking List

Troop 111 “Bare Bones” Personal Equipment List for Weekend Backpacking

This list is for individual scouts. A Crew list can be found here.

This list summarizes the minimum equipment necessary for a typical warm weather weekend backpacking campout (late April to mid October). Packing should be in a backpack that fits and is in good repair. Avoid packboards and rucksacks – younger Scouts should use external (not internal) frame packs; experienced backpackers – your choice. With respect to all your gear, when you have a choice, always take the smaller or lighter item. Keeping your weight down is critical in backpacking – avoid bringing unneeded or heavy gear. In packing the backpack, try to keep heavier items higher on your back, closer to your back, and centrally balanced. Remember that you need some room for Troop gear and food. It is a good idea to keep everything in large zip-lock or clear plastic bags; this helps you keep things organized and weatherproof. Check off each item as you pack it. Put your name on everything.

Sleeping Gear:

_____ A sleeping bag, less than 3 lbs, rated to about 30 degrees, in a trash-bag lined stuff sack
_____ A foam pad (or an ultralight air mattress if you have one)
_____ A very small, backpacking pillow (an airline pillow is good for this)

Eating Gear:

_____ A medium sized bowl, preferably plastic
_____ A Lexan plastic soup spoon
_____ A medium sized plastic cup
_____ Two or three 1 liter canteens, full

Clothing and Equipment:
You should hike wearing a pair of gym shorts, a T shirt, hiking boots or a sturdy pair of heavyweight sneakers with good tread, and thick socks. If you don’t have hiking socks, go buy some – or wear thick cotton socks and change them mid-hike each day. Make sure your shoelaces are good; if not, install new ones before departure. Make rational changes (deletions) if the campout is only one night instead of two nights.

_____ 1 pair gym shorts
_____ 2 pair underwear
_____ A knit, pullover cap
_____ 2 pair hiking socks
_____ 2 fresh T Shirts
_____ 1 pair long pants
_____ A hat (Baseball Cap OK)
_____ A comb
_____ A toothbrush
_____ A light belt (no metal!)
_____ A medium weight wind/rain resistant jacket
_____ 1 fleece or light sweatshirt
_____ 1 2 plastic trash bags (white kitchen size bags are fine)
_____ An LED Headlamp or a small flashlight (either one with fresh batteries)
_____ Personal prescription medications (must bring a duplicate set and consult with the Scoutmaster!)
_____ Personal clean up gear (soap, toothpaste). Keep it very small (“travel size”)!

If there is any chance of rain: _____ A rainproof pack cover _____ A rain suit or poncho

Optional Equipment:

_____ 1 or 2 Bandannas
_____ A pack towel
_____ A mosquito head-net
_____ Quality Sunglasses
_____ A replacement set of glasses or contacts, if you wear either
_____A very light pair of sneakers (needed only if you’re wearing boots while hiking)
_____ Hiking Poles (Adults over 40 should definitely bring)
_____ Foam pad square or ultralight camp-chair
_____ Full Scout Uniform (Bring only if told to do so by the Scoutmaster; would be left in the vehicles)

Dr. Bob, SM-111

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