Baltimore Orienteering Meet

“Orienteering is meant to be a cross-country race with map and compass through unknown terrain, a kind of treasure hunt for strategically placed markers. A good orienteer needs strong legs, a subtle brain, and the ability to exert both at the same time, which is rare.” – Outside Magazine.

Started in 1976, this Meet is run by Dave Linthicum and other volunteers from the Baltimore Area Council and several orienteering clubs, but draws from half-a-dozen nearby states. Typically run in late October or early November, the event draws up to 75 Units and as many as 750 Scouts. Girl Scout Units, Junior ROTC, and other youth groups participate as well.

Since 2003, the Meets are run at Patuxent River Park/Jug Bay Natural Area (near Upper Marlboro, MD) on even numbered years, and at one of the sub-camps at the Broad Creek Scout Reservation (near Darlington, MD) on odd-numbered years.

Troop 111 has been participating in this event since 1999, and has done quite well through the years. We were the first Virginia Troop to ever win (2003), and also the first to ever sweep all four sub-competitions (also in 2003); we nearly did so again in 2017, with one 1st and three 2nds in the four sub-competitions. A Unit must have a minimum of 10 Scouts in order to qualify for the Championship. Here is our current placement list, by year and location:

2017 (41st) – 1st – Camps Oest-Cone

2016 (40th) – 6th – Patuxent River Park/Jug Bay

2015 (39th) – 1st – Camp Finney

2014 (38th) – 2nd – Patuxent River Park/Jug Bay

2013 (37th) – 2nd – Camps Oest-Cone

2012 (36th) – (Not enough Scouts to qualify) – Patuxent River Park/Jug Bay

2011 (35th) – 10th – Camp Finney

2010 (34th) – 2nd – Patuxent River Park/Jug Bay

2009 (33rd) – 2nd – Camps Oest-Cone

2008 (32nd) – 7th – Patuxent River Park/Jug Bay

2007 (31st) – 1st – Camp Finney

2006 (30th) – 4th – Patuxent River Park/Jug Bay

2005 (29th) – 1st – Camp Finney

2004 (28th) – 6th – Patuxent River Park/Jug Bay

2003 (27th) – 1st – Camps Oest-Cone

2002 (26th) – (Not enough Scouts to qualify) – Patapsco Valley State Park, MD

2001 (25th) – 15th – Patuxent River Park/Jug Bay

2000 (24th) – 5th – Patapsco Valley State Park, MD

1999 (23rd) – 4th – Patuxent River Park/Jug Bay

[To our knowledge, the Troop did not participate in this event from 1976 through 1998.]

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